Trip to Paradise

Trip to Paradise

by L. E. Fallon

Whatever Trisha McCord set her mind to - was accomplished.

While preparing for an Alaskan Cruise - being in the wrong place at the wrong time, change’s her life and everything she believed in. She’s whisked into another place and time, where an intriguing, dark eyed stranger, takes her into another world.

She realizes while caught in a whirlwind of emotions – the best laid plans can often take a detour to paradise.

~ ~

Michael Colten left civilization - longing for the simple life of just man and nature. It was perfect until he learned what he loved most may be taken away.

Desperate to stop certain events that could put him and everything he loves in danger. He is forced to choose between the old love of his life and the new love in his life.

There is only one thing left to do…take a trip to paradise.

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Trip to Paradise Reviews:

I loved your book. I started reading it as soon as it arrived. Read half that day and the other half the next day. I just couldn't put it down. - A. Harn, Fl.

Got emotionally involved with the characters. Good Story. Fast reading. - A. Harrison, Fl.

Good story line. Slow to start but hard to put down towards middle and end. I look forward to the next book. - N. Nieves, Fl.

I sat down one evening and opened Trip to Paradise. Honestly not knowing what to expect. I do have to say that I stayed up most of the night to try and finish this book. It grabs your attention and keeps it. Great work. - Brandon, Publish America

I loved the book Trip to Paradise. The ending was too sad. Can't wait for your next book. - L. Puckett-Wright, Fl.

I enjoyed your book very much, was shocked on the twist of the story, your imagination has gone wild! Loved it, can't wait for your next book, hopefully it's a spin off of this one. The ending was unexpected, but better then the "They Lived Happily Ever After"!!! We have to realize the end is never wonderful. Keep up the good writing. - L. Wight, FL.

Trip to Paradise. Good Story. Fair writing, kind of dragged in some places, but overall read well. - M. Fallon, Fl.

About the author:

I feel like I am a gifted writer, (even if I do say so myself ). Alot of what I write comes from imagination or inspiration or both. Random thoughts about all kinds of things, subjects and genre's come into my mind often, and if I'm lucky enough to have a piece of paper and pencil handy, or near a computer, I try to jot the thought down - before it disappears forever (no matter how crazy or unlikely a story it seems).

I have lost many great story ideas when I didn't have access to anything to jot the notes down on.

My literary fascination came early in life and I have written many short stories of varying genres. (There is one of my first and probably one of my favorite short stories posted below.)

My excitement and passion is for all writing types, but romance would probably be at the top of my list of favorites. I feel that my style when writing romance is more sensuous and endearing.

I am a native of Florida, and I live there still.

My goal was to become a published author/novelist by the end of 2009.

"Trip to Paradise" means Success!!!


-- “Fog comes on little cat feet, then quietly slips away.” -- Carl Sandberg --

The sleepiness of the small dormant town was abruptly interrupted as footsteps in the gloomy dusk wore on. The dreary sky rained down an enveloping dangerous mist. Down the silent still alleys, I fear what may come from out of the dark. It seemed a perfect evening for death to ride his staunch black stallion. I knew he would be excited to come to the occasion, and undertake one last performance. The hazy lifeless skyline gave the early impression that thick chocking fog would be rolling in tonight. Darkness settled into the desolate town, and the bitter cold fell around the empty streets like rain.

The misty rain continued to fall into grayish over filled puddles that quickly became pools of sheer blackness. The events at hand have taken my attention to other things I am lost in a strange land, intermingled with a fierce people that speak a peculiar language.

I will never again tell a taxi driver to take me wherever the road leads. If anyone ever asks, it is true that your life does flash before your eyes.


I listened to the fervent muffled voices of the crowd as I was rushed and smashed into the ice cold stone wall. The voices seem to reach into my very soul and pull out all fears and apprehensions of my situation.

It is like a bad dream, the noises coming out of their dogs was so unlike those of my homeland. They sounded like roaring fires when they growled, and when they do, I can actually feel the earth shake.

The fog seems to be rolling in now, trespassing on the land, thick, chilly and deadly, with every gust of the stiff wind. The musty smell stays, lingering through the darkest depth of imagination.

As the wind picks up, the freezing water droplets splash into my already cold, numb face. At my back, shadows bring soft undertones of voices that echo deep into my ears. The wet-whisper of the cobble-stone streets beyond the wall makes me shiver as I hear the cars and trucks squeal, the screech their brakes runs down my spine in a tingle as I wait for the inevitable crash. But fortunately, while I am here, it does not come.


I could hear what sounded like time worn weathered twigs snapping in the eclipse like gloom, but knew better. My mind reeled back and forth a thousand times during the past few seconds, yet time seemed to stand very dormant. Imagine a twenty-year-old English American, condemned. An innocent made guilty in a crime of the country.

The fog enveloped everything it made contact with with, choking all those who dared even breathe. It would probably stay for hours, maybe even days. Unfortunately, when it finally does lift and begins to disappear, it will take something with it as it rolls on - unnoticed, unobserved -something ignored, but precious still the same.

The voices quieted and then quickly became hushed, and that was followed by complete silence. A darkened mask of fear aroused the realization and brought to the forefront of my mind the looming situation. Even through the dark shadow-less night, I could see the white scarf being raised, only to float gently to the earth.

Suddenly, my mind flashes and I wonder if the noises, the rain and even the fog will still be here…or will they quietly, silently slip away...

I bloody well wish someone would wake me from this awful nightmare!


~L.E. Fallon (1987)

Trip to Paradise